Paris, we’re here

We made it yesterday to Paris with great ease thanks to the amazing train systems they have here in Europe. Our hotel is only blocks from the Eiffel Tower and the Seine river. We can’t wait to share with you some of the scenes soon, and we will have some more Germany photos up later […]

Das ist gut

On Sunday, we had such a blast photographing Mellisa (our host),  JR, Jeannene, and TJ (family), and Sean and Bronna (engaged since December). They were so kind and fun to shoot. The nearby German villages offered such great spots that are foreign to and reminiscent of downtown Charleston.

Bratwurscht, Castles, and Racing

Our weekend in Germany was jam packed. Saturday morning, our host, Mellisa, walked a block to her local bakery in Quiedersbach to make us a traditional German breakfast. Then, we were off to downtown Kaiserslautern for the morning market where we saw flying overhead a C-17  from the Charleston Air Force base. We then went […]


On the 21st we caught the train from Venice up to Porderone, Italy (near the Alps) and took a taxi to a little town called Arba to visit our Wedding and Portrait album publishing company, Graphistudio.  We met with Alessia there who showed us around. What we learned: The leather that Graphi uses for their […]

Venice Wrapped Up

So Mell, Mellisa and I toured Kaiserslautern and Quiedersbach today, but more on that later. Here’s a more extensive gallery of Venice!   The blog gallery function didn’t like so many pictures, so I did it as an adobe lightroom gallery. Venice Gallery Enjoy!

In Germany!

Just a quick update to let you know that we made it to Germany and are all hunkered in at my old high school friend, Mellisa’s beautiful German townhouse.   Yesterday we successfully visited Graphistudio (our Itallian album publishing company) in Arba Italy, and got back to Venice in time to tour St. Mark’s Basilica, the […]


Sorry about the lack up updates. We have only just found an internet cafè here in Venice. I won’t waist too much time telling you how beautiful it is (pictures do that better, right?). But suffice to say it more than lives up to it’s reputation. There’s no straight path to anywhere, and the alleys […]

To Munich

Well we made it to the first of our exotic destinations–Charlotte! They really play up their Wright Brothers claim here. Next stop is Munic on our way to Marco Polo.

Bon Voyage, mommy!

Mell is REALLY gong to miss the dogs. Our friend Krissy is house sitting while we’re away.

4:00 AM

Well, packing is now done except for the few batteries that we are leaving on charge right up until we leave. For those equipment junkies out there that may be interested in the gear we are bringing, here it is: Cameras: Canon 5d Canon 5d Canon 40d Canon 70-200 IS f2.8L Canon 24-105 IS f4.0L […]

Last minute shopping

We needed to pick up a few last things for our trip like a plug converter for Europe. The long lines begin now as it’s back to school season here at walmart 🙂

Almost Time!

It’s August 17th, which means it’s almost time to go! So of course instead of finishing packing, I’m playing on the new laptop making a travel blog for the website 🙂 Yep, Mell and I are heading to Europe to photograph a wedding just outside of Paris! While we are in Europe we will visit […]