Everyone sing Happy Birthday to Damien…

 Ladies, meet Damien. He’s 5′ 11” and enjoys long walks on the beach and good Italian food………just kidding. (But only sort of!)

Aaaaaaanyway, Sunday was my good friend Damien’s birthday,  and of all things, I was able to talk  him into letting me take his goodlookin self out for a photo shoot!

We had lots of fun and took pictures all over the downtown area! We had WAY too many good ones to choose from by the end of the evening, but I guess that’s nothing to complain about! Damien was so much fun to photograph…he’s easygoing and relaxed…and c’mon girls you gotta admit he’s also easy on the eyes! 😉

So now I need your help picking the overall favorite!  (There is a poll at the end of this post so go vote!)








I can’t decide if I like it better in color or black & white!
What do you think?

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Frankies Fun Park Slideshow

Charleston Wedding Photographer - frankies
I made a slideshow of our favorites from the Frankies Staff Shoot. Take a look!


So 2008 was a phenomenal year.  We will probably look back at 2008 as the year that it all came together, that we hit our stride and really took off.  2009 is looking to be even better.  It has been a blast.  It’s been a lot of work, but it’s been a blast.  Things have quieted down a bit now that January is here, and amidst all the preparation for the year, we were able to block off a day for celebration.

We wen’t to Frankies Fun Park.    Heres a gallery of some of the best shots:

January 2009 Updates

Check out the studio’s first wedding album design of 2009:

Click here to view:

Photographed by Valerie Schooling in Greenville, SC

Also, it’s the last week of the caption contest, so please keep ’em coming!

You can submit your caption by commenting on the below image on our studio Facebook page. (We know it’s in profile pics as well as the “staff” photo album and either place is fine!)

Here’s the photo to refresh your creative juices:

caption Winner to be announced February 2nd!

There will be prizes, people!


{a sneak peek of Emily & Eric’s e-session!}

Earlier today, I (Valerie) had the sheer joy of doing an afternoon engagement session with Emily and Eric. 

I had SO much fun that I had to put up a “sneak peak” for you all to see….and yes, a sneak peak is just a teaser…so hold your horses, people….you will see more in a later blog post! (I promise!)

Being a former newswriter, I could attempt to describe to you in words just how sickeningly cute and head-over-heels-in-LOVE this couple is….

…or I could just show you a picture or three…


They were also game for all my fun and creative, artsy ideas….


And for every serious moment, there were LOTS of fun and silly ones!
(This couple could teach the class on “how to have fun on a photo shoot” – haha!)


Hey now…..calm down, there are LOTS more to share!

So stay tuned! 🙂

Leah and Justin’s Waterfront Park engagement session!

I (Valerie) had a really fun engagement photo session downtown with Leah and Justin! Their wedding isn’t until July 18th, but since neither of them live in Charleston, we were lucky to squeeze in their session!

We met up in Waterfront Park, but the majority of our session was spent walking around downtown! We walked over to the train tracks, then to the steps of the Customs House, up East Bay Street a bit (where we shot in one of my favorite alleyways!) and ended back in Waterfront Park. 🙂

Here are a few favorites from their session:







For the love of DOGS

As the proud owner of two SPCA rescues, I (Mell) love to spend time with my pooches and capture their personalities naturally. Canon, my hound dog (pictured first),  chose me as his person in 2007. He is a ball of energy, loves other dogs & children, but is scared of large men with beards. Peanut is my lazy beagle who loves people, cuddling at any cost, and is a little scared of other dogs. He decidely chose Nathan as his master when we brought him home in April 2008.Today is Canon’s 2 year birthday. So Happy Birthday Canon, and here’s a post dedicated to dogs!Canon lounging with a smile on his face. My sister even dubbed him Smiley.

Nathan’s mom has two Cocker Spaniels who stay with us sometimes. 4 dogs make for some crazy times, but I love it! Majik (pictured first) is the more serious of the two, and Cosmo is the crazy/nosey one as seen below. Majik is known for carrying his food dish or stuffed toys around the house, while Cosmo feels his presence is best felt with his nose in your face.Majik- the serious British Cocker Spaniel