4:00 AM

Well, packing is now done except for the few batteries that we are leaving on charge right up until we leave. For those equipment junkies out there that may be interested in the gear we are bringing, here it is:


  1. Canon 5d
  2. Canon 5d
  3. Canon 40d
  4. Canon 70-200 IS f2.8L
  5. Canon 24-105 IS f4.0L
  6. Canon 16-35 IS f2.8L
  7. Canon 50mm f1.4
  8. Canon 580EX II Speedlight
  9. Canon 580EX II Speedlight
  10. Canon 550 Speedlight
  11. 2 Belt-attachable Camera Holsters
  12. My trusty batman utility belt (hefty belt that holds my various cases and pouches to and hold the sundries I need to carry.
  13. Full compliment of camera batteries and chargers
  14. A few sets of our usual rechargeable AA batteries for the flashes, but I’ll primarily be relying on Lithium Ion AA batteries for the travel photography and especially the wedding photography to avoid the need to recharge on the go.
  15. Monopod

Believe it or not, just about all of that of that fits on one modest 21″ carry-on roller bag. Mell is carrying the laptop in her backpack with our carry-on sundries, and we are checking one slightly larger bag with most of our other necessities. The Monopod is in the checked bag. I bought a fancy lowpro Camera backpack with compartments for everything you’d ever want, but I found that my various belt cases are perfect padding for the equipment in the small roller bag. Sorry lowpro, you’re stayin’ home.