On the 21st we caught the train from Venice up to Porderone, Italy (near the Alps) and took a taxi to a little town called Arba to visit our Wedding and Portrait album publishing company, Graphistudio.  We met with Alessia there who showed us around.

What we learned:

  • The leather that Graphi uses for their Classic covers is actually produced by a local leather craftsman and cattle farmer near Arba.
  • The varnished cover options are actually varnished by a local mechanic the same way he varnishes a coat of paint on a car.
  • There is a great new line of suede covers coming down the line, as well as some new ‘the-print-is-the-cover’ options.
  • The books are assembled entirely by hand by a workforce of over 250 (300 during Christmas Rush).
  • The owner of Graphistudio recently purchased a castle.  They have a book full of very nice pictures.
  • The actual printing and binding machines contain trade secrets, so we weren’t allowed very close or to take pictures of them >:(

It was great to see where these albums are actually produced and to put some faces on the names.  the link below to see the pictures!