Stephanie and Danny

As soon as you meet Stephanie and Danny it is clear the love that they have for each other. Both have been through past marriages and have children, so for their wedding the most important thing was that they enjoy their day of celebrating all that brought them together. The wedding colors and theme were inspired by the dress Stephanie found which is a gorgeous shade of blush! Besides the beautiful details the other important and special part of their day was having all of the children a part of everything. It was a delightful day with a sweet couple!couto-0006 couto-0058 couto-0104 couto-0110 couto-0130 couto-0134 couto-0138 couto-0145 couto-0150 couto-0157 couto-0180 couto-0242 couto-0245 couto-0247 couto-0253 couto-0255 couto-0463 couto-0645 couto-0724 couto-0807 couto-0808

Ellen and Aaron are getting married!

We met with Ellen and Aaron at Boone Hall Plantation for some romantic engagement portraits. These two are so sweet! They brought their pup Olive along for the fun and it looks like she had a great time! In a few months the two will be getting married at Magnolia Plantation. We are so looking forward to capturing the memories of their big day!

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Steph and Brad

Steph and Brad had a gorgeous spring wedding at Magnolia Plantation. When the two met 10 years ago through a friend they were instantly connected but had lots of plans! Over the last decade they have been around the world, together and separately. Through all of the miles and through the years they both grew and fell more in love with each other. Steph and Brad wanted their wedding to showcase the natural beauty of Magnolia Plantation. The details at their wedding were (fittingly!) travel themed! The love the couple has for each other is evident from how they speak about each other, to the fun they are visibly having at all times!

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Michela and Scott

Michela and Scott have been all around the world together- from where they met in Bangladesh to the World Cup in Brazil to Dubai. Their love for travel, for sports and the outdoors led them to their wedding underneath a gorgeous live oak tree at the Thomas Bennett House in Downtown Charleston, SC. It was important to the couple that their loved ones were involved in the wedding. They had friends and family contribute to their day in unique touches such as a friend who made the beer for the reception, one who played music at the ceremony and many more. It was Michela and Scott’s main goal that the day be filled with laughter, dancing and love…and they surely accomplished it!

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Ruth and Ben

Ruth and Ben had an all day celebration on their wedding day. Lashes and Lace arrived first thing to do hair and makeup for the ladies and their work looked great with Ruth’s Gabriella New York Bridal Salon dress. The beautiful April day started with a ceremony at noon on the Carriage House Lawn at Magnolia Plantation. The flowers were beautifully done by Wild Flowers Inc.  After the ceremony guests enjoyed a cocktail hour on the lawn with lawn games and appetizers.  Lunch followed catered by B Gourmet Catering.  Guests then enjoyed tea and refreshments while listening to Jazz music by Jazz Charleston. After that was a Hog Roast party and cake by Ashley Bakery was with music by Epic Charleston. The full day of celebrating the couples love is one that is sure to be remembered for years to come!pitts-0298 pitts-0647 pitts-0822 pitts-1005 pitts-1011 pitts-1015 pitts-1019 pitts-1025 pitts-1043 pitts-1054 pitts-1055 pitts-1059 pitts-1063 pitts-1071 pitts-1074 pitts-1080 pitts-1137 pitts-1386 pitts-1390 pitts-1392

Meagan and Austin

Meagan and Austin had their wedding at Rock Bottom Pond. The couple loves hunting and made sure to add details to their day to show case it! They outdoor location served as a wonderful location for this hunting couple!



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Marni and Niko


Marni and Niko met in  Stuttgart, Germany and got married in Charleston, Marni’s hometown.  The ceremony was at St. Luke’s Chapel, with a reception at The American Theater.  The American Theater is a Charleston venue downtown that is great for couple looking for a modern twist on a vintage Charleston wedding.  Frederick’s Florist did beautiful flower arrangements for the ceremony and reception with rentals by Snyder Events.  Paper Dolls and Gown Boutique of Charleston created a comfortable, elegant look for Marni.   Marni and Niko love to travel and are from different countries so they went with a travel theme for the day with little accents from the movie Up!batterycharleston brideandgroomfredericksfloristgownboutiquegownboutiqueofchs groomrings snyderevents stlukesmallari-0365mallari-0390-Bmallari-0430mallari-0439mallari-0922stlukeswedding theamericantheaterrbpwedding

Mindy and Ben

Mindy and Ben had a clear idea of how they envisioned their day: pottery barn style decor, romantic and intimate setting and their dogs! With Duvall running the catering, rentals, flowers, cake and design it was mission accomplished! When Mindy and Ben met in grad school their love blossomed through their similar love for wine, vacationing and dogs. In fact Ben proposed by bringing the dogs to Mindy’s out of state parents home and attaching the ring to the collar of one of their pups! Their day had a casual, classy feel that was evident through the beautiful blush tones, burlap accents and southern charm.brock-0206 brock-0214 brock-0227 brock-0230 brock-0240 brock-0256 brock-0265 brock-0272 brock-0276 brock-0289 brock-0324 brock-0498

Deanna and Tim

This sweet couple chose the perfect time of the year to have their outdoor, Magnolia Plantation wedding! After a 5 year long friendship Deanna and Tim fell in love and their life has been a whirlwind ever since.  They wanted their day to be a stress-free affair that they could look back on with fond memories. Duvall Catering and Event Design made sure the day was coordinated to go off without a hitch- they took care of everything from the flowers, to the food and cake, to the rentals! With Charleston Event Hair and Makeup there first thing in the morning, Deanna was ready to take some gorgeous pictures in her dress. We were able to spend time with the couple before the ceremony, as well as after, capturing moments of their love. With all of the azalea flowers in full bloom, the day was filled with special moments and created the perfect atmosphere for a picture perfect day!lloyd-0060 lloyd-0121 lloyd-0142 lloyd-0146 lloyd-0149 lloyd-0156 lloyd-0251 lloyd-0254 lloyd-0331 lloyd-0338 lloyd-0346 lloyd-0353 lloyd-0366 lloyd-0380 lloyd-0381 lloyd-0383 lloyd-0385 lloyd-0389 lloyd-0390

Samantha and Andrew are getting married!

Samantha and Andrew will be getting married at gorgeous Middleton Place at the end of this month but before they say “I do!” we got together with them for some fun engagement portraits Downtown Charleston, SC. We are so looking forward to their upcoming wedding!

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