Almost Time!

It’s August 17th, which means it’s almost time to go! So of course instead of finishing packing, I’m playing on the new laptop making a travel blog for the website 🙂

Yep, Mell and I are heading to Europe to photograph a wedding just outside of Paris! While we are in Europe we will visit Graphistudio in Arba Italy (about an hour outside of Venice, where we will stay for a few days). Graphistudio is our wedding album publishing team, so we finally get to meet them.

After Venice and Arba, we are visiting a friend in Kaiserslautern, Germany for the weekend, and then to Paris for a couple days before we shoot the wedding in Jossigny, France (not far from Eurodisney, incidentally).

We will update as we can with text and pictures. Some of them will be with my iphone, and so the picture quality will be a bit… soft.

Check back often!