White Point Gardens wedding and Poogan’s Porch reception!

I seriously meet the best kinds of people through my job. (Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE what I do?) 🙂 Jamie and Jeremy were certainly no exception. They are one of the most laid back, easygoing couples you will ever meet! Their wedding was small and simple, yet beautiful and elegant.

The ceremony was at the gazebo at White Point Gardens (also referred to as “The Battery” or “Battery Park”). Jamie and her dad arrived by horse and carriage! Their reception was dinner at Poogan’s Porch on Queen Street. They did a great job at accommodating this size of a group of people, and the food was delicious!

Jamie got ready in a gorgeous hotel room at the Mills House Hotel. Also, I must add that every time I am there, I am impressed at how nice the staff of the hotel are!


I just adore this shot of Jeremy holding their wedding rings!


Here is Jeremy by the fountain at the Mills House Hotel:


Jamie’s sisters and Jeremy’s military buddies were a great fun-loving group!


After the ceremony and family photos, we got to do a few shots in White Point Gardens!


The carriage driver (with Palmetto Carriage) even gave us a few extra minutes to take some awesome shots in my faaaaavorite Charleston alley!


Jamie and Jeremy…thank you for choosing me to be such an important part of your wedding day! I can’t wait to show you the rest of your wedding photos! (Soon, I promise!)

And to everyone, have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Wedding at St. Luke’s Chapel and Francis Marion Hotel reception!

April + Justin, married at last!

After much planning and anticipation, April & Justin’s wedding was wonderful! They have been such a fun-loving couple to work with! 

Their rehearsal dinner was on a harbor cruise on the newly launched Spirit of the Lowcountry from SpiritLine Cruises. It is such a beautiful boat and was perfect for the occasion! (Nathan and I had the privilege of photographing the launch party for the Spirit of the Lowcountry about a month ago!)


In April’s Dad’s rehearsal dinner toast, he referenced Forrest Gump, saying that April and Justin “are like peas and carrots”…so I ‘borrowed’ April’s engagement ring and got creative:


April wore green heels on her wedding day. (I love fun wedding day shoes – if you can’t tell by now, haha!)


April was so fun to photograph! I ought to share a handful of her bridal portraits in a different post soon…she had one of my favorite bridal sessions all year!


Their wedding ceremony was at one of my favorite ceremonly locations here in Charleston – St. Luke’s Chapel! I just adore its architecture!


I barely had to prompt the guys to ham it up for the camera…they’re all naturals at that!


April and her bridesmaids!


The newly-announced Mr. and Mrs. Justin Buckingham!



They rented a trolley from Absolutely Charleston to take their guests to and from the Frances Marion Hotel. (It was such a great idea!) 

I can tell you personally how great to work with Heidi is in the Absolutely Charleston wedding transportation office. She’s the best! (She rescued my tripod that I left on the trolly – oops!)


Wedding at Waterfront Park, by the Pineapple Fountain in Historic Charleston!

Lourdes & William got married in Waterfront Park, right by the Pineapple Fountain! Of all the engagement sessions I’ve done downtown in that area, I was thrilled that Lourdes and William chose me to photograph their special day.

Lourdes had the neatest veil – so stylish!

She is such a fun person, and a natural at modeling! (And the sunset lighting was ideal!)

Her parents came all the way from Venezuela for her wedding! Here’s a fun selective color edit I did of her dad walking her down the aisle:

William and Lourdes smiled the whole ceremony. It is easy to tell that these two are very much in love!

Here’s one with a good view of the pineapple fountain. (Did you know that the pineapple is an international symbol of welcome? Just another tidbit of Charleston History from your photographer-tourguide, haha!)

It got dark so fast…and we had to get creative with lighting!

Shooting a large wedding party in the dark of night was a huge challenge…and the pictures turned out to be so neat and unique! I love this one:

I love this one of Lourdes and William in the alley by Waterfront Park. We snapped this one quickly on our way to the reception!

William & Lourdes have such a great sense of humor between them. She wore red shoes (which I think is fabulous) and her bridesmaids had red dresses. To be funny, William (and all of his groomsmen!) wore red socks to match.

This one captures so much of their personality in the “looks” they give each other. I love it!

Please check out their entire wedding album design here: http://www.charlestonwedding.com/weddings/nogueira

Late-Night Album Design Moral Support? Meow!

My cat, Penny Lane, is the sweetest little thing…always loving, always kind, always well-behaved…

Tonight, I am up late working on an album design for Lourdes & William’s wedding. About 20 minutes ago, Penny climbed up on my shoulders and just settled on in to stay. She’s been purring away ever since, happy as can be!

It’s semi-uncomfortable for me, but I’m so touched by her sweetness that I don’t have the heart to shoo her off.

I just took a pic because I HAD to share!


Folly Beach Engagement Pictures

Don’t let the rain stop you!  Rebecca, Ayden and I had their engagement pictures scheduled for months ahead of time for the only opening that worked for all of us.   Now or never.  And it rained.  All day.

But no fear!  I do not melt.  We brought umbrellas to the beach and had a great time anyway.  Remember this everybody.  Rain does not have to ruin pictures.  Shooting in situations like that often yield great results because it forces me to think hard and outside the box to get good shots.  I’ve posted some of my favorites below, and here is a link to a slideshow.


You can't tell, but he was really fighting the wind in these pictures.

You can’t tell, but Aydin was really fighting the wind in this picture.


It almost got away from him.

It almost got away from him.


We got to move up under the pier to get out of the rain, and take advantage of some of the directional light coming in.

We got to move up under the pier to get out of the rain, and take advantage of some of the directional light coming in.




Sarah and Develen’s Engagement Portraits at The Battery and Lower King Street.

I love it when we get to photograph siblings of past weddings we did.  Develen is Rhonda Crawford’s brother.  Rhonda and Chris got married a year and a half ago.  Mell and I were actually both the photographers AND the Best Man and Matron of Honor (yeah, that’s crazy).  So now Develen and Sarah are getting married and it’s time for Engagement pictures!  We met them at White Point Gardens downtown for pictures at the battery and southern King Street.


I've been experimenting with shadows in portraiture over the last few months.  I'm pleased with this one.

I've been experimenting with shadows in portraiture over the last few months. I'm pleased with this one.


Fun with the 16mm lens.

Fun with the 16mm lens.

April & Justin’s engagement session, historic Charleston portrait session

After many months of planning and anticipation, April & Justin are getting married this weekend! They have been so much fun to photograph so far, and I can’t wait!

Taken in hisotric downtown Charleston, their engagement session was a lot of fun. I thought you might like to see a few fun pics of this happy couple!






1920’s-Themed wedding at Riviera Theater in Downtown Charleston

Joe and Madalyn through a 1920s-themed wedding at the Riviera Theater, and people dressed all out for it! The Riviera has some of the most interesting architecture and floor design in Charleston. The wedding can be held right in the theater-style seating. The front curtain can then open right up into one of the best ballrooms in Charleston.  Click here to see their whole album.

The hats were a nice touch.

The hats were a nice touch.

Madalyn had great jewelry to accent her theme.

Madalyn had great jewelry to accent her theme.

This hallway is a dream for a photographer.  Columns of light!  Who has collumns of light??

This hallway is a dream for a photographer. Columns of light! Who has collumns of light??

Riviera Theater adds a great touch for a wedding by putting the bride and groom's name up in lights on the Marquee.

Riviera Theater adds a great touch for a wedding by putting the bride and groom's name up in lights on the Marquee.


Madalyn changed into and awesome theme dress for the reception. Oh, and more light columns. I love those things.

You can view Madalyn and Joe’s full wedding album design: Click Here

OSP South Conference

Last week, Nathan, Valerie, and Steve went to a photography conference held in downtown Charleston-OSP South. Here are just a few photos from the first night evening photo scavenger hunt with our point-and-shoot camera.
What are you pointing at, Steve?

What are you pointing at, Steve?


Carriage ride, anyone?

Val showing off our town

It takes teamwork!

It takes teamwork!


We did a fun little shoot of a little superman on Halloween, so I did a little photoshop to complete the effect.