How to make a multitude

Every year we get to do the cast and crew photos for the Clemente Players, a theater group at Trident Technical College. Since I had about 35 people gathered and willing to do whatever I told them, I decided to see if we couldn’t make the 35 look more like 400. We found an abandoned parking lot and got to work. We used a single 580 EXII flash to light each face in the foreground individually (compositing them together later in PS), and then we had the entire troop stand in different spots all over the parking lot taking shots along the way, changing, and exchanging outfits here and there.

This is the final composite below, followed by a short “making of” video.

Director Sharon Willis is in the front bottom left with this years ensemble (which is deceptively smaller than it appears).

Our Destination Photography Portfolio

I’ve been wanting to get all of our various shoots from out of state and overseas together, and February provided the opportunity.  Here’s a show of some of my favorite shots that we’ve taken in France, London, Greece, Italy, Mexico, and all over the US.

Charleston Wedding Venues and Reception Venues

Charleston Wedding Venue, Magnolia Plantation

As a Charleston wedding photographer for so many years, my studio has gotten to see many different reception and wedding venues in Charleston, SC.  We have hundreds of our wedding albums posted on our website.  Here’s a list of some of the more popular wedding and reception sites that we’ve gotten to photograph over the last couple years: