Courtney and Rodney’s Wedding at Central Baptist Church and Seawell’s in Columbia, SC

Courtney and Rodney had one of the most well done “Grand Event” I’ve attended in a long time.  400 guests requires lots of planning, and they pulled it off in an elegant, classy, and very fun way.  (Oh, and Courtney is GORGEOUS!).

Sienna’s Sweet 16 Photo Session at the Old Sheldon Church Ruins

Sienna recently got her braces removed and is going to turn “sweet 16” next month. What a great time to celebrate with a portrait session! She braved the VERY early morning (also known as sunrise) to come to the Old Sheldon Church Ruins for her session. Here’s a few of my favorites:

Wedding Photography on Folly Beach, SC

Update: the album is posted!  check it out!

Mike and Holly were VERY insistent that they wanted to be featured on our website, and Holly is such a diva for the camera, that we got a phenomenal collection, which I’m very happy to share.  The rain threatened that day, right after the ceremony when we were supposed to take pictures, but all we got was a little sprinkle and a SPECTACULAR SKY instead.  The rain just skirted Folly beach, giving this soft, magical light, ideal for portraiture.  This was a an incredibly fun and tight-knit group.  Mell and I had a great time.  Congratulations Mike and Holly!

Engagement Shoot on the National Mall

In August, Mell and I had the opportunity to travel to Washington DC to meet some of our clients for a shoot in their home neighborhood —  The National Mall and the Capitol!  We walked around for a couple hours, but here’s a few highlights 🙂

Heather and Chris’s Wedding at Dunes West Country Club in Mt. Pleasant, SC

Update:  The album design is now available to be viewed!  Check it out.

Heather and Chris’s wedding was held under the Oaks at the Charleston area venue, the Dunes West Country Club, which boasts one of the most spectacular sunset views in all of Charleston (good sunsets are relatively rare on the east coast). We always break out all the stop to capture the sunset when we have the opportunity to work at this venue.

Here’s a link to Dunes West. Jason and his staff there are very, very good at what they do.

Uncle Jim, Dairy Farmer

I grew up in upstate New York, where my mom’s family have been dairy farmers for over a century, raising Jersey’s and a few Holsteins. My brother an I used to spend our summers at the farm helping mow hay and other chores, but mostly we swam in the pond and rode the ATV.

Uncle Jim runs the farm, and is one of the most industrious people I know. He gets up ever morning, every day before dawn to milk 100 cows, and does it again 12 hours later. Every day.

We spent a few days up there in August and took some pictures along the way. Here’s some of our favorites.

Grandma made pancakes before we went out to unload the hay.

The hay drops into the mow where it’s stacked. It’s not for the faint of sinus.

The hay is sent up the conveyor to to propper mow. This was a purchased load of hay because the rain has prevented Jim from producing enough hay on his own land. You need a lot to get through the winter.

My brother Ryan after a few hours mowing hay.

A ride in the Model T with the family.

Grandpa collects antiques. This is his model T.

We spent many hours at this pond.

My memories are even more idyllic.

There are some ancient rooms in the various buildings. And LOTS of cob webs.

Uncle Jim on the milking floor.

My Grandpa Willie. You think I told him to wear that for the picture, but no. He really wears those.

Wedding Photography at the South Carolina Aquarium in Charleston, SC

The aquarium is such a fantastic place to be a wedding photographer! There are endless possibilities with the luminecent tanks and unique architecture. Adair is a Marine Biologist, so the Aquarium was the perfect venue for her!

Ansley and Madison’s wedding in Cameron, SC

Held at a lovely country Church in Cameron, South Carolina, Ansley and Madison’s wedding was a pretty big deal. The new Orangeburg Country Club event venue hosted their reception, and they did a phenomenal job.

Bride’s response to seeing her wedding album and surprises for the first time

Matt was so kind to share this video of his very excited wife seeing her wedding album and surprises from our studio for the first time.  This video is almost as good as being there.  Thank you Lauren and Matt!!! You two rock!