Laura and Lance

Laura and Lance met at a wedding they attended for mutual friends. After meeting and falling in love the two decided they wanted to get married in the city that they have been vacationing at for the last few years together. They wanted their day to include their love of travel as well as the people closest in their lives to celebrate their new marriage! The ceremony and reception were at the Historic Rice Mill in downtown Charleston- a venue that boasts waterfront views as well as old Charleston charm. The two had a sweet ceremony followed by a night of dancing and fun! 

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Suzanne and Kyle

Suzanne and Kyle have known each other for as long as they can remember. The two grew up in the same town, as children they went to each other’s birthday parties and they went to school together! After years of being in each other’s lives their romance began in high school and the two have been together ever since. For their wedding the two had their ceremony at a church in town and had the reception at a very special venue- Suzanne’s family vineyard! The whole day was filled with special memories from the places they grew up and the love that their families have for them!

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Tristan and Christopher

Tristan and Christopher wanted an intimate destination wedding surrounded by only those closest to them. White Point Gardens was the perfect spot for their sweet vows to be exchanged! The two strolled around for a bit before heading to Halls Chop House for some of the finest cuisine Charleston has to offer. It was a romantic and special day!

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Tabitha and Chad

Tabitha and Chad are lovers all things old fashioned and classic. They chose Magnolia Plantation because of it’s old charm as well as it’s beautiful natural views. The two decided that an outside wedding that was full of different colors that fit in with the gorgeous garden would be just right for them. The ceremony had traditional catholic elements and the reception followed with lots of dancing and celebrating!

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Erin and Nathan

Erin and Nathan had a beautiful wedding that we were so thrilled to be a part of! The two met at a young professionals event and have been busy learning new things together, training their cat Milo and just enjoying each other’s company. The two had a sweet outdoor ceremony under hanging flowers. The reception was filled with fun and dancing! It was a gorgeous day celebrating the love that these two share!


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Kristin and Shimon are getting married!

Kristin and Shimon fell in love in Downtown Charleston, so it was only fitting that they have their engagement shoot there! The two are getting married in September at the Daniel Island Club and it is going to be a wonderful day!

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Alexa and Mike

Alexa and Mike met through mutual friends in high school! The two love the beach so it seemed fitting to have their wedding at Wild Dunes Resort. The beach resort was not only gorgeous but a great place for Alexa and Mike’s out of town family to stay! The two wanted to have a romantic celebration of their love and they certainly accomplished it thanks to a sweet ceremony performed by Mike’s father and a fun reception full of dancing!

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Krysten and Harry are getting married!

Krysten and Harry are getting married in December at Boone Hall Plantation! We were able to spend the afternoon with them at Cypress Gardens and we are so excited for their big day!

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Kristi and Jordan

Kristi and Jordan met online and felt an instant connection! The two fell in love and when they got engaged they knew they wanted a Charleston wedding after vacationing here together. The day was full of romantic moments and fun! Kristi made sure that there were details that showed the couples personality and even had great details for the little guests. This was not just their wedding day but a celebration of another chance at love and family!

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Kristin and Jeb

Kristin and Jeb met by chance at a giant St. Patrick’s day celebration in Savannah, GA. Jeb lived in Charleston and Kristin lived in South Florida, but that didn’t stop the two from getting to know each other and falling in love! It wasn’t long before Kristin decided to move to Charleston and the two have been busy at the beach, playing on sports teams together and traveling around the country visiting family ever since! The two decided to get married at the Charleston Harbor Resort and Marina which boasts a gorgeous ocean view as well as all of the benefits that the resort offers. The day was full of family and fun!


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