Nicole & Justin at Magnolia Plantation


Nicole’s vision for her wedding was an outdoor garden wedding in the south, and Magnolia Plantation was the perfect venue for her special day!  We got to work with some AMAZING vendors for Nicole and Justin’s wedding including Morgan Gallo Events, Charleston Bakery, Branch Design Studio,  All About You Entertainment, Event Drs, Paper Dolls, and Crazy Dutchman Catering.  Nicole used plum, teal, and natural greenery throughout the day.   So glad we got to be apart of their special day, and what a beautiful day it was!  Congrats you two!

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Whitney and Kyle’s Downtown Engagement



Whitney and Kyle are getting married in June and we are so excited to be apart of their day!  Mell Bell did an engagement session downtown, and even in December Charleston is an amazing place to photograph.  We can’t wait for ya’lls special day!  Congrats!

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Becky’s Bridals at Sanctuary Hall & Gardens

For Becky’s bridal session we got to check out the brand new venue in Mount Pleasant, Sanctuary Hall & Gardens.  Mell Bell did an amazing job creating these images, and I just love Becky’s dress with the lace top. Enjoy!


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Angel and Travis at Magnolia Plantation






Angel and Travis were married on February 15th at Magnolia Plantation.  Nathan did an amazing job using all the beautiful landscapes that Magnolia has to offer and I love the wine bottles and mirrors that Angel used for decoration!  What a beautiful day, we were so happy to be there, congratulations you guys!

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Erin and Joe Are Getting Married!



Erin and Joe put all there trust in the wonderfully talented Mell Bell when she told them they were having there engagement session in the woods of Daniel Island, and they were so happy they did the pictures turned out AMAZING! Pig and Tinkerbell made an appearance with there mom and dad, and how cute are they?!  I was lucky enough to get to tag along on this shoot, and getting to meet Erin and Joe was so much fun and I am looking forward to June 7th when these two love birds tie the knot!

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Abby & Andrew’s Engagement!

Abby and Andrew met at Charleston Southern in 2009 and they are getting married tomorrow!! We are so excited to be apart of their special day!  Here are a few engagement photos that Mell took a few months ago, what a cute couple! Congrats you two!

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Taylor & Robby’s Citadel Engagement

Taylor and Robby met through friends about four years ago.  He is a current South Carolina National Guard member, and Taylor loves to sing opera!  They were married this past weekend and we are so excited we got to be apart of their wedding!  Congrats you two!

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Amey and Jared’s Engagement

Amey and Jared had there engagement photos taken Downtown and they had a lovely visitor come for part of the session, their dog Abby!

Laura & Keane’s Downtown Engagement



Laura and Keane met at a Citadel football game tailgating six years ago!  They are excited to have family and friends in Charleston for the first time for there wedding.  We are looking forward to more happy moments with this adorable couple on April 19th! fralinger engage-0001 fralinger engage-0012 fralinger engage-0018 fralinger engage-0021 fralinger engage-0026 fralinger engage-0035 fralinger engage-0042 fralinger engage-0048 fralinger engage-0053 fralinger engage-0057

Debra and Nicholas at Magnolia Plantation

Debra and Nicholas were married in January at Magnolia Plantation.  And here is just another reason why couples love to get married in Charleston:  it was a beautiful sunny day and warm enough for an outdoor wedding!  Debra and Nicholas had a first glance and Nathan took some gorgeous photos all around Magnolia.  Another beautiful wedding and wonderful couple we are happy we go to be apart of!