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Krysten and Harry

Krysten and Harry met in high school and reconnected these last few years! The two had a gorgeous wedding on a warm December day at Boone Hall Plantation. With friends and family surrounding this sweet couple it was a wonderful celebration! After the two exchanged vows the party started and the newlyweds and their guests danced the night away. Wedding by Wanda Cavazos of Richard Bell Photography

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Ceri and Brandon

Ceri and Brandon met in 2008 through friends. The two took their time planning exactly what they wanted for their special day! It was a destination wedding and Ceri and Brandon had a true vision for their beautiful wedding. Family and friends came from far and wide to be there and it was a wonderful party!


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Jennifer and Kevin

Jennifer and Kevin got married at Boone Hall Plantation on a beautiful summer day. It was important to the two that their day was a combination of rustic touches as well as elegant details. Other than great shabby-chic decor, Jennifer and Kevin also planned a reception that guaranteed a great time had by all of their friends and family.


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Carly and Mike

Carly and Mike met by chance when Carly was a guest at the hotel that Mike worked at. The two quickly fell in love and were engaged within a year! They have wasted no time in already moving once, traveling regularly and laughing together constantly. Since Mike is from Bulgaria it was important to the two that some of his family traditions were a part of their special day! And since it was the joining of two very different families they thought it would be nice to have the comfort and ease that Charleston provides! The day was full of happy and sweet moments!


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Kelly and Pablo

Kelly and Pablo had a gorgeous day! The two are such a sweet and fun couple! We were so thrilled to witness this celebration of love!

Best wishes to a couple that we just adore!


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Lindsey and Shaun

Lindsey and Shaun met through working in food and beverage downtown Charleston. The two quickly realized they shared similar interest in travel, literature, music and just talking! When they decided to get married they wanted their day to reflect those interests and they chose details that showcased exactly who they are as a couple! The time and thought they put into their celebration can be seen everywhere you look!




Maria and Scott

Maria and Scott got married at beautiful Boone Hall Plantation. The two met at the gym and have spent the last couple of years traveling and playing with their dog Mishka. They spent their day creating lots of sweet memories and dancing the night away!



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Ellen and Aaron are getting married!

We met with Ellen and Aaron at Boone Hall Plantation for some romantic engagement portraits. These two are so sweet! They brought their pup Olive along for the fun and it looks like she had a great time! In a few months the two will be getting married at Magnolia Plantation. We are so looking forward to capturing the memories of their big day!

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Allison and Matthew are engaged!

Allison and Matthew are going to be saying “I do” in just a few short weeks! In the fall we were able to take some photos of this awesome couple at Boone Hall Plantation. It was a gorgeous day and this couple were naturals! We can’t wait to celebrate their love with ice cream sundaes at their wedding! weitzelengage-0004 weitzelengage-0008 weitzelengage-0013 weitzelengage-0017 weitzelengage-0027 weitzelengage-0032 weitzelengage-0039 weitzelengage-0045 weitzelengage-0047 weitzelengage-0058 weitzelengage-0061 weitzelengage-0064 weitzelengage-0072 weitzelengage-0079 weitzelengage-0085 weitzelengage-0091 weitzelengage-0092 weitzelengage-0098

Erin and Nathan are engaged!

Erin and Nathan met in Charleston and they are excited to be getting married at the Confederate Home and Harbor Club on Friday.   Nathan is from Pittsburgh and Erin is excited for his family to see some of the beautiful landmarks of Charleston.  Their engagement session at Boone Hall Plantation in October was absolutely gorgeous. I just love the cotton fields and the oak trees.  boonehallengagement boonehallengagement-2 boonehallengagement-3 boonehallengagement-4 boonehallengagement-5 boonehallengagement-6 boonehallengagement-7 boonehallengagement-8 boonehallengagement-9 boonehallengagement-10 boonehallengagement-11 boonehallengagement-12 boonehallengagement-13 boonehallengagement-14 boonehallengagement-15 boonehallengagement-16 boonehallengagement-17 boonehallengagement-18 boonehallengagement-19 boonehallengagement-20