Erin and Nathan are engaged!

Erin and Nathan met in Charleston and they are excited to be getting married at the Confederate Home and Harbor Club on Friday.   Nathan is from Pittsburgh and Erin is excited for his family to see some of the beautiful landmarks of Charleston.  Their engagement session at Boone Hall Plantation in October was absolutely gorgeous. I just love the cotton fields and the oak trees.  boonehallengagement boonehallengagement-2 boonehallengagement-3 boonehallengagement-4 boonehallengagement-5 boonehallengagement-6 boonehallengagement-7 boonehallengagement-8 boonehallengagement-9 boonehallengagement-10 boonehallengagement-11 boonehallengagement-12 boonehallengagement-13 boonehallengagement-14 boonehallengagement-15 boonehallengagement-16 boonehallengagement-17 boonehallengagement-18 boonehallengagement-19 boonehallengagement-20