Jordan and Derrick

Jordan and Derrick met in high school and are the sweetest couple! For their day they didn’t want a all of the hoopla that is normally part of a traditional wedding. The two wanted their closest friends and family, good food and lots of pictures! After saying their vows and sealing it with a kiss, everyone enjoyed lots of delicious food and drinks. The couple then snuck away to have a full on photo shoot and it was magical!

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Maria and Ben

Maria and Ben fell in love years ago and got married in a way that they could afford time and money wise! It was a fun celebration of their love but since then the two have been working hard and planning the wedding day that the two dreamed of! With Ben in the military it was important to Maria that he wore his uniform. The two had their closest family and friends in attendance- including their 2 little ones. The day was about the love that the two have built their lives and family upon! Everyone enjoyed a beautiful ceremony at the Greek Orthodox Church and then good food and dancing at the reception at Tides on Folly Beach!


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Kayla and Don

Kayla and Don met at a softball tournament and began dating a few months later when they began playing on the same team together! The two love projects that they can work on together, particularly for their home. They also love their yorkie- Riley, who was also a special part of their day! It was a big celebration with lots of people around them witnessing their love!


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Shiniece and Kenneth

Shiniece and Kenneth met in grade school! The two have been through everything together and were ready to have the ultimate family celebration! The two wanted good food, good music, lots of colors and lots of fun! The night was full of sweet words and of course tons of dancing. It was the perfect celebration for this great couple!

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Michelle and Paul

Michelle and Paul met as children who grew up in the same neighborhood. As the two grew up they went their separate ways and after 15 years they ran into each other! They have been together ever since and wanted a great celebration for their family and friends. Michelle and Paul planned a classy and romantic day, full of southern touches! It was a gorgeous day and a wonderful celebration of their love!






Ceri and Brandon

Ceri and Brandon met in 2008 through friends. The two took their time planning exactly what they wanted for their special day! It was a destination wedding and Ceri and Brandon had a true vision for their beautiful wedding. Family and friends came from far and wide to be there and it was a wonderful party!

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Jessica and Rob

Rob and Jessica have been in each others lives for nearly 20 years! The two met in high school but never dated….fast forward through college, different careers and all of life’s obstacles- the two never lost touch! The two were so happy to realize their connection and get married! It was a great time for them as well as their families and friends! The two did a lot themselves, focusing on good BBQ and lots of dancing!

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April and Patrick

April and Patrick met through friends and their mutual for music quickly brought the two together! This awesome couple picked so many gorgeous and personal details for their day. It was a beautiful event and then the party started. April and Patrick wanted their guests who came from far and near to have the best time that they would never forget! The party was one for the books and everyone danced the night away!

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Jessica and Ian

Jessica and Ian fell in love and planned a fun wedding celebration that would bring all of their guests to beautiful Charleston! Unfortunately the 1000 year storm threw a curve ball with the weather! But after days of rain it finally stopped on the night of Jessica and Ian’s wedding! Although it made travel for their guests a bit tricky, their friends and family were happy to be there to witness the love that this sweet couple shares! It was a gorgeous day!

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Dana and Russell

Dana and Russell planned a very personalized wedding celebration! With blue being Dana’s favorite color, glamour being the underlying theme and art displayed creatively throughout! Apart from individually painted place settings there was an artist live painting the whole event. With a ton of great plans in place, even the best plan got thrown off a bit with the 1000 year storm showing up for the wedding too! Because the day had to be spent inside we did a shoot a few days later outside, once the rain stopped! Dana and Russell had a great attitude and enjoyed the wet day as well as the dry shoot- as you can see they are a gorgeous couple!

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