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Jennifer and Richard

Jennifer and Richard met on Match.com and quickly fell in love! Jennifer has 2 daughters and it was important to her that the man she married love her little ladies- and Richard does! The two love the outdoors so they decided to get married outside at Wild Dunes Resort and celebrate their love with their family and friends!


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Emily & Daniel

Emily and Dan’s Wild Dunes wedding was all about starfish and the colors turquoise and lime green. The theme was inspired and expanded from the Starfish wedding invitation Emily used.  JW Weddings and Events made sure to bring everything together throughout the day.   I also loved Emily’s tea length dress, it was a perfect dress to for the day.  Congrats guys! mcdowell-0233 mcdowell-0241 mcdowell-0252 mcdowell-0282 mcdowell-0286 mcdowell-0592 mcdowell-0599 mcdowell-0616 mcdowell-0626 mcdowell-0778 mcdowell-1135 mcdowell-1137

Amber & Chad

Amber and Chad chose Wild Dunes for their destination wedding because they love the wildlife, flowers, and scenery that the beach possess.  OK Florist did a great job designing the event.  We had a great time getting to know them, and wish them lots of happiness in the years to come! Amber and Chad were also featured on A Lowcountry Wedding and you can check that out here!

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Vanessa & Ethan

Vanessa and Ethan had a beautiful southern elegant wedding at Wild Dunes Resort.  JW Weddings and Events coordinated the event and Ooh! Events designed the even and the flowers.  I love the colors she picked and how sophisticated the outdoor tent looks!  Congrats guys!  Vanessa and Ethan’s wedding was also featured on Love Toast Blog and you can check it out here! luhr-0119 luhr-0195 luhr-0398 luhr-0516 luhr-0518 luhr-0532 luhr-0550 luhr-0575 luhr-0834 luhr-0841 luhr-0913

Perin & Ryan

High school sweethearts, Perin and Ryan, were married at Wild Dunes in May.  Perin had such vibrant colors for the day, with help from JW Weddings & Events.  I love the bright colors she used, they were perfect for a spring wedding at the beach.  Congratulations you two! SanjanaWedding-RBP-94 SanjanaWedding-RBP-239 SanjanaWedding-RBP-403 SanjanaWedding-RBP-510 SanjanaWedding-RBP-518 SanjanaWedding-RBP-532 SanjanaWedding-RBP-554 SanjanaWedding-RBP-574 SanjanaWedding-RBP-583 SanjanaWedding-RBP-636 SanjanaWedding-RBP-841

Melissa and Bryan’s Isle of Palms Wedding

Melissa and Bryan’s family and friends waited fourteen years for this special day!  Coming from New York Bryan and Melissa were excited to have a destination wedding at Wild Dunes at Isle of Palms.  Justin at JW Weddings and Events was great to work with and helped pull of this fun day!

Beth & Jeff’s Wild Dunes Ceremony & Reception

Beth & Jeff had one of the easiest going weddings of the year. Everyone was relaxed and just enjoying everything about the day. The ceremony was at the Grand Pavilion with the reception by the pool. My favorite time was spent with them on the beach. The sky was amazing and we got really lucky with the weather and timing! Congratulations guys!

Charleston Wedding Photography – Chris and Katy’s Wedding at Wild Dunes

The story of the magical wedding shoes that fit a few generations of this family’s brides. Add a dash of pirates and a treasure hunt to complete this beautiful beach wedding at Wild Dunes.

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