For the love of DOGS

As the proud owner of two SPCA rescues, I (Mell) love to spend time with my pooches and capture their personalities naturally. Canon, my hound dog (pictured first),  chose me as his person in 2007. He is a ball of energy, loves other dogs & children, but is scared of large men with beards. Peanut is my lazy beagle who loves people, cuddling at any cost, and is a little scared of other dogs. He decidely chose Nathan as his master when we brought him home in April 2008.Today is Canon’s 2 year birthday. So Happy Birthday Canon, and here’s a post dedicated to dogs!Canon lounging with a smile on his face. My sister even dubbed him Smiley.

Nathan’s mom has two Cocker Spaniels who stay with us sometimes. 4 dogs make for some crazy times, but I love it! Majik (pictured first) is the more serious of the two, and Cosmo is the crazy/nosey one as seen below. Majik is known for carrying his food dish or stuffed toys around the house, while Cosmo feels his presence is best felt with his nose in your face.Majik- the serious British Cocker Spaniel