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Rebecca and Andy

Rebecca and Andy were a super sweet and super in love couple! The two have been together for quite some time after they met working at a restaurant together and were so joyous that their big day was finally here! It was a wonderful day, full of gorgeous flowers, delicious pizza, fun dancing and lots of laughing. Wedding by Wanda Cavazos of Richard Bell Photography


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Betsy and Daniel

Betsy and Daniel got married after 10 years of being together! It was a wonderful celebration! Apart from the gorgeous flowers and personal details that made the day so beautiful, it was so sweet to see the love that the guests have for Betsy and Daniel! The couple is loved by many!


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Sarah and Matt

Sarah and Matt got married on a gorgeous day in May at Pepper Plantation. This couple was so sweet and so was their family! After doing Sarah’s bridals we were so looking forward to the wedding! It was important to Sarah and Matt that they have a fun celebration with the people that they love most surrounding them- and that is exactly what their day was!


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