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Mini – Madness! Family Portrait Event March 15!

 We are excited to announce our first Family Portrait Mini-Session Event EVER on March 15, 2014 in Charleston, SC.

Family Portraits Mini Session Event!
Mini – What?
An outdoor, 30-minute mini-session with a one of our amazing artists, which includes at least 30 mega-sweet images delivered by online gallery.  YES — you get the files!  Print ’em. Facebook ’em. Text ’em,  you crazy kids.
Mini – Where? 
The session will be in Downtown Charleston. We’ll tell you exactly where by secret decoder ring when you book.
Mini – How?
Call or text us at 843-767-6888 or email the studio and reserve your time slot.
Mini – Cost?
$275 for families of 4 or less.  Additional members (including pets!) may be added for $25.  Check facebook to see how you can get a discount!