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Stephanie and Danny

As soon as you meet Stephanie and Danny it is clear the love that they have for each other. Both have been through past marriages and have children, so for their wedding the most important thing was that they enjoy their day of celebrating all that brought them together. The wedding colors and theme were inspired by the dress Stephanie found which is a gorgeous shade of blush! Besides the beautiful details the other important and special part of their day was having all of the children a part of everything. It was a delightful day with a sweet couple!couto-0006 couto-0058 couto-0104 couto-0110 couto-0130 couto-0134 couto-0138 couto-0145 couto-0150 couto-0157 couto-0180 couto-0242 couto-0245 couto-0247 couto-0253 couto-0255 couto-0463 couto-0645 couto-0724 couto-0807 couto-0808