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What a ride!

For our 5 year anniversary last August, Mell and I went to Knobles Amusement park in Pennsylvania (a way cool vintage park that Mell went to as a kid).  Mike and Rachel Mizzell were extraordinarily generous enough to fly up to take our pictures (from which we have an AMAZING collection of anniversary images!).

At the end of the evening, Mell’s old friends, Daphney and Nate came to have their engagement pictures for their wedding the next day, and Mike, Rachel, Mell and I had a field day.  Here’s one image that Mell and I got on the twirling swing ride.  Mell is on one swing, and I’m shooting from another, to take pictures of the couple behind us (whew!).   The Mizzells snapped some shots of us pulling off this maneuver (2nd image).

I was dragging the shutter, and using 580EXII Speedlites rear-curtain sync and radiopoppers to stop the motion after the blur.

Here's the shot from the ground (courtesy of Mike and Rachel Mizzell of Tillman Branch Photography). There's me in the middle, Daphney on the upper right, and Mell right underneath her, holding the speedlite.