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Marisa and Jason

Marisa and Jason met in high school and have a mutual love for dogs and Disney! The two wanted to celebrate their love with just a few fun touches of Halloween sprinkled throughout. It was such a fun day! The couple really made it their own! Wedding by Wanda Cavazos of Richard Bell Photography


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Rena and Amit

Rena and Amit had an amazing wedding day! It was important to the couple that their heritage and their style be prominent in every detail of their day. With amazing decor, gorgeous flowers and delicious food, Rena and Amit had a wonderful celebration of their love that will not soon be forgotten!




Jessica and Michael

Jessica and Michael met at a St Patrick’s day festival and have been inseparable ever since! When the two were planning their wedding they wanted a fun celebration that included all of their family and lots of friends! It was a bright and cheery party with lots of dancing!



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Kyle and Brent

Kyle and Brent wanted to show off their love for the water and boating, but also keep the day romantic! It was a great combination of delicate and fun!


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Jennifer and Blake

Jennifer and Blake chose Charleston because they had their first unofficial first date there and they absolutely love the city. They also chose Charleston to honor the history of Jennifer’s family. This wedding was all about celebrating Jennifer and Blake’s family and love for one another, connecting the past with the present, and celebrating their love!


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Steph and Jon

Steph and Jon got married on a beautiful May day at Magnolia Plantation! Although the two met and fell in love in the Washington DC area, they knew they wanted a southern wedding in the city Jon considers home- Charleston! This sweet couple wanted the day to be comfortable but celebratory, which they certainly accomplished! The two had a fun “Fox” theme- a play on the newlywed couple’s last name!



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