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Kristin and Shimon are getting married!

Kristin and Shimon fell in love in Downtown Charleston, so it was only fitting that they have their engagement shoot there! The two are getting married in September at the Daniel Island Club and it is going to be a wonderful day!

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Krysten and Harry are getting married!

Krysten and Harry are getting married in December at Boone Hall Plantation! We were able to spend the afternoon with them at Cypress Gardens and we are so excited for their big day!

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Emily and Brandon are getting married!

We were able to take some sweet engagement photos of Emily and Brandon recently at Pitt Street Bridge and Alhambra Hall! This loving couple will be getting married next May!burton engage-0004 burton engage-0009 burton engage-0013 burton engage-0018 burton engage-0022 burton engage-0025 burton engage-0027 burton engage-0030 burton engage-0033 burton engage-0036 burton engage-0038 burton engage-0040 burton engage-0042 burton engage-0044 burton engage-0046 burton engage-0047 burton engage-0063 burton engage-0070

Ellen and Aaron are getting married!

We met with Ellen and Aaron at Boone Hall Plantation for some romantic engagement portraits. These two are so sweet! They brought their pup Olive along for the fun and it looks like she had a great time! In a few months the two will be getting married at Magnolia Plantation. We are so looking forward to capturing the memories of their big day!

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Engagement Shoot on the National Mall

In August, Mell and I had the opportunity to travel to Washington DC to meet some of our clients for a shoot in their home neighborhood —  The National Mall and the Capitol!  We walked around for a couple hours, but here’s a few highlights 🙂