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Kelly and Pablo are getting married!

This sweet couple came to town all the way from Nebraska in December for some wedding planning and portraits of course! We spent a fun afternoon all around Downtown Charleston with these two. We are so looking forward to Kelly and Pablo’s wedding at Boone Hall Plantation in just a few short weeks! lavinengage-0004 lavinengage-0007 lavinengage-0008 lavinengage-0013 lavinengage-0018 lavinengage-0023 lavinengage-0026 lavinengage-0027 lavinengage-0034 lavinengage-0040 lavinengage-0048 lavinengage-0052 lavinengage-0057 lavinengage-0061 lavinengage-0064 lavinengage-0068 lavinengage-0069 lavinengage-0074

Sarah and Matt are getting married!

Sarah and Matt did an engagement shoot on a beautiful October day at Cypress Gardens. Taking photos of them together was easy because they were having such a good time in each other’s company!  Their wedding at Pepper Plantation is sure to be romantic and fun- just like the couprickett, sarah engage-001 rickett, sarah engage-005 rickett, sarah engage-008 rickett, sarah engage-012 rickett, sarah engage-021 rickett, sarah engage-024 rickett, sarah engage-025 rickett, sarah engage-029 rickett, sarah engage-039 rickett, sarah engage-044 rickett, sarah engage-050 rickett, sarah engage-052 rickett, sarah engage-056 rickett, sarah engage-065 rickett, sarah engage-070 rickett, sarah engage-089 rickett, sarah engage-106le!

{a sneak peek of Emily & Eric’s e-session!}

Earlier today, I (Valerie) had the sheer joy of doing an afternoon engagement session with Emily and Eric. 

I had SO much fun that I had to put up a “sneak peak” for you all to see….and yes, a sneak peak is just a teaser…so hold your horses, people….you will see more in a later blog post! (I promise!)

Being a former newswriter, I could attempt to describe to you in words just how sickeningly cute and head-over-heels-in-LOVE this couple is….

…or I could just show you a picture or three…


They were also game for all my fun and creative, artsy ideas….


And for every serious moment, there were LOTS of fun and silly ones!
(This couple could teach the class on “how to have fun on a photo shoot” – haha!)


Hey now…..calm down, there are LOTS more to share!

So stay tuned! 🙂

I love downtown engagement sessions!

Gil + Nicole = FUN!

A couple of weeks ago, I had a crazy fun afternoon engagement session with Nicole and Gil! Let me tell you, these two are my type of couple! Their fun-loving personalities matched perfectly with my creativity that day. I told Nicole that we have good “photo karma” – haha! They were up for anything, so we got some really unique and different shots. I can’t wait for their wedding!

I just love this one of them on the train tracks behind the U.S. Customs House!


One of my favorite Charleston attributes is all the fabulous wrought iron! The creative, handcrafted detail makes for a great photograph, if you ask me! 🙂


We often discuss at our studio how spoiled we Charleston photographers are to be around such awesome color & texture everywhere we turn! This is one of my favorite alleyways:


I love the lines of the tall staircase at the Customs House.
(Gil and Nicole were so great to let me “play” with them with all of my silly ideas!)


The downtown sunset was lovely that day too!


Folly Beach Engagement Pictures

Don’t let the rain stop you!  Rebecca, Ayden and I had their engagement pictures scheduled for months ahead of time for the only opening that worked for all of us.   Now or never.  And it rained.  All day.

But no fear!  I do not melt.  We brought umbrellas to the beach and had a great time anyway.  Remember this everybody.  Rain does not have to ruin pictures.  Shooting in situations like that often yield great results because it forces me to think hard and outside the box to get good shots.  I’ve posted some of my favorites below, and here is a link to a slideshow.


You can't tell, but he was really fighting the wind in these pictures.

You can’t tell, but Aydin was really fighting the wind in this picture.


It almost got away from him.

It almost got away from him.


We got to move up under the pier to get out of the rain, and take advantage of some of the directional light coming in.

We got to move up under the pier to get out of the rain, and take advantage of some of the directional light coming in.