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Krysten and Harry

Krysten and Harry met in high school and reconnected these last few years! The two had a gorgeous wedding on a warm December day at Boone Hall Plantation. With friends and family surrounding this sweet couple it was a wonderful celebration! After the two exchanged vows the party started and the newlyweds and their guests danced the night away. Wedding by Wanda Cavazos of Richard Bell Photography

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Jennifer and Kevin

Jennifer and Kevin got married at Boone Hall Plantation on a beautiful summer day. It was important to the two that their day was a combination of rustic touches as well as elegant details. Other than great shabby-chic decor, Jennifer and Kevin also planned a reception that guaranteed a great time had by all of their friends and family.


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Alx and Dewey

Alx and Dewey have been together since they were in high school! They both went to college, pursued their careers and their love for each not only remained true but grew! It was a sweet day celebrating their love with their friends and family- all of which have watched and admired the couple through the years!


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