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Mandi and Matt are Engaged!

Mell had a wonderful afternoon downtown getting to know Mandi and Matt.  It was love at first site when Mell noticed they were all wearing flip flops and got to share their love for the shoe.  They started off with drinks at Leaf and then had a beautiful afternoon downtown to capture in their engagement excitement!  We are looking forward to this sweet couples wedding and to see what Cindy at Engaging Events has put together for them!

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Marcella & Ward’s “The Notebook” Themed Engagement

What better way to show off Charleston than with a The Notebook themed engagement?  Marcella and Ward are getting married on Saturday, and I wanted to share with you the pictures Nathan got at Cypress Gardens and downtown Charleston at the American Theater.  Congrats Marcella and Ward and we are looking forward to spending Saturday with you! rbpengagement rbpengagement-2 rbpengagement-3 rbpengagement-4 rbpengagement-5 rbpengagement-6 rbpengagement-7 rbpengagement-8 rbpengagement-9 rbpengagement-10 rbpengagement-11 rbpengagement-12 rbpengagement-13 rbpengagement-14 rbpengagement-15

Jessica and Scott’s Engagement!

HaglerEngagement-RBP-0007It was a very windy downtown, but James was still able to capture some amazing photos of Jessica and Scott!  We are looking forward to being apart of there special day!   HaglerEngagement-RBP-0024 HaglerEngagement-RBP-0040 HaglerEngagement-RBP-0043 HaglerEngagement-RBP-0050 HaglerEngagement-RBP-0066 HaglerEngagement-RBP-0078 HaglerEngagement-RBP-0084 HaglerEngagement-RBP-0088

Octavia and Keron are engaged!

I know it is not quite fall yet, but I thought I would share some beautiful Fall Engagement pictures from Octavia and Keron’s shoot.  They were taken downtown, and the couple really wanted to show off the beautiful scenery of Charleston.  Hopefully some cooler weather is on the way, Enjoy! wareo-0004 wareo-0007 wareo-0013 wareo-0023 wareo-0034 wareo-0038 wareo-0047 wareo-0056 wareo-0070 wareo-0078 wareo-0090

Kelly & Marshall’s Downtown Engagement!

I am so excited to show off these beautiful engagement pictures taken by Nathan!  Kelly and Marshall are a very special couple to us, Kelly’s older sister was one of Nathan’s first weddings.  We are so excited to be apart of another Bishop family event.  bishop-family-0050bishop-family-0056bishop-family-0061bishop-family-0069bishop-family-0072bishop-family-0078bishop-family-0080bishop-family-0092bishop-family-0096bishop-family-0097

Susan and Ryan’s Engagement!


Texas couple Susan and Ryan were so excited to get married under the mossy oaks of Charleston, SC.  Below is a few shots from there engagement session downtown.  It was a beautiful day, and Nathan captured some special moments! smith-susan-engage-0006 smith-susan-engage-0008 smith-susan-engage-0016 smith-susan-engage-0021 smith-susan-engage-0033 smith-susan-engage-0039 smith-susan-engage-0050 smith-susan-engage-0058 smith-susan-engage-0062 smith-susan-engage-0076 smith-susan-engage-0086 smith-susan-engage-0105

Ashley and Doug’s Engagement Session

Ashley and Doug had there engagement session downtown, Charleston and also Boone Hall Plantation!  It is a perfect all around Charleston engagement!

Carla and Scott’s Engagement

We had so much fun with this laid back couple in Downtown Charleston!

Jennifer and Cory’s Engagement

The sun never sets on a couple in love…

Whitney and John’s Downtown Engagement Pictures

Whitney and John spread there love all over downtown and created some beautiful moments for there engagement photos.