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Rachael and Harper

Rachael and Harper had the most gorgeous wedding day! For their celebration Rachael had a full vision of the day including the amazing gown that she wore, the incredible floral displays and the live 7 piece band! With the most perfect details and the sweetest couple it made for a wedding unlike most! The enchanted garden feel, plated southern cuisine, music and dancing will not soon be forgotten!


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Kyla and Dennis

Kyla and Dennis met through mutual friends and had a long distance relationship for the first couple of years of dating. Through the miles their love grew and shortly after they were able to move together they became engaged! The two wanted a wedding that showed their love for southern elegance while also having the laid back feel of the California girl bride! And thanks to the comfort food, gold accents and dancing it was just that!


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Kristin and Collin


Kristin and Collin met in college in the heart of downtown Charleston, SC. Kristin was new to town so Collin took it upon himself to show her the town….and that’s what they have been doing ever since! Walking around the city with their pup Caroline, going out and just having a good time together. They wanted their wedding to be a fun and romantic reflection of their love! Middleton Place was a gorgeous backdrop for their vows as well as a unique and fun area for the party that followed.



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