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Krysten and Harry are getting married!

Krysten and Harry are getting married in December at Boone Hall Plantation! We were able to spend the afternoon with them at Cypress Gardens and we are so excited for their big day!

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Sarah and Matt are getting married!

Sarah and Matt did an engagement shoot on a beautiful October day at Cypress Gardens. Taking photos of them together was easy because they were having such a good time in each other’s company!  Their wedding at Pepper Plantation is sure to be romantic and fun- just like the couprickett, sarah engage-001 rickett, sarah engage-005 rickett, sarah engage-008 rickett, sarah engage-012 rickett, sarah engage-021 rickett, sarah engage-024 rickett, sarah engage-025 rickett, sarah engage-029 rickett, sarah engage-039 rickett, sarah engage-044 rickett, sarah engage-050 rickett, sarah engage-052 rickett, sarah engage-056 rickett, sarah engage-065 rickett, sarah engage-070 rickett, sarah engage-089 rickett, sarah engage-106le!

Marcella & Ward’s “The Notebook” Themed Engagement

What better way to show off Charleston than with a The Notebook themed engagement?  Marcella and Ward are getting married on Saturday, and I wanted to share with you the pictures Nathan got at Cypress Gardens and downtown Charleston at the American Theater.  Congrats Marcella and Ward and we are looking forward to spending Saturday with you! rbpengagement rbpengagement-2 rbpengagement-3 rbpengagement-4 rbpengagement-5 rbpengagement-6 rbpengagement-7 rbpengagement-8 rbpengagement-9 rbpengagement-10 rbpengagement-11 rbpengagement-12 rbpengagement-13 rbpengagement-14 rbpengagement-15