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Kyla and Dennis

Kyla and Dennis met through mutual friends and had a long distance relationship for the first couple of years of dating. Through the miles their love grew and shortly after they were able to move together they became engaged! The two wanted a wedding that showed their love for southern elegance while also having the laid back feel of the California girl bride! And thanks to the comfort food, gold accents and dancing it was just that!


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Jessica and Chris

Jessica and Chris met while working together. The couple has been spending their time since eating sushi and volunteering at the local shelter helping care for kittens. The two wanted their wedding to have a timeless feel that is reminiscent of Gone with the Wind Days. To capture that feel they chose a gorgeous outdoor ruins, live violin playing and romantic details. The reception kicked into celebration gear with dancing and cupcakes!


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Kamilah and Tashir

Nothing could stop these two from saying “I DO”, not even the hot July sun!  Kamilah and Tashir were married at the Island House on John’s Island, and with such breathtaking views it is no wonder they did not care about the heat.  It was such a beautiful day for a beautiful couple.  Confetti of Charleston did a great job designing the coordinating the event.  I loved the burlap table runners and the beautiful wildflower pictures Wanda captured with the bride and her bridesmaids.  Congrats Kamilah and Tashir, and thanks for letting us be apart of your special day!  You can also check out more of Kamilah and Tashir’s wedding published in La Belle Africana here.motley-0099 motley-0311 motley-0386 motley-0507 motley-0527 motley-0534 motley-0542 motley-0545 motley-0695 motley-0697 motley-0698 motley-0707 motley-0714