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Maleena and Cody

Maleena and Cody had a very sweet wedding that had soft blush, mint and cream details. The two planned this destination wedding from Virginia and their friends and family were happy to make the trip to celebrate. It was a great celebration of their love!


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Kristin and Shimon

Kristin and Shimon met and fell in love in Charleston, so it was only natural for the two to get married and have the celebration of a lifetime here! The day had a clean and simple elegance everywhere you looked. All of the details were meticulously picked to beautifully represent the two. After a gorgeous ceremony and a delicious meal the night was full of fun and dancing!


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Jaclyn and Oliver

Jaclyn and Oliver got married in a romantic ceremony with their pup Brady along for the festivities! The reception that followed was filled with good food, live music and dancing the night away!


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Steph and Brad

Steph and Brad had a gorgeous spring wedding at Magnolia Plantation. When the two met 10 years ago through a friend they were instantly connected but had lots of plans! Over the last decade they have been around the world, together and separately. Through all of the miles and through the years they both grew and fell more in love with each other. Steph and Brad wanted their wedding to showcase the natural beauty of Magnolia Plantation. The details at their wedding were (fittingly!) travel themed! The love the couple has for each other is evident from how they speak about each other, to the fun they are visibly having at all times!



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Marcella and Ward

Marcella and Ward made it a point to blend the Indonesian heritage of the bride with the Carolina traditions of the groom. To accomplish this, they combined the beauty of South Carolina with Indonesian cultural influences! To kick off the wedding festivities they started off with an Oyster Roast welcome dinner overlooking the marshes of Kiawah Island. The following day was the ceremony, which was held at the cathedral of St. John the Baptist in downtown Charleston and the reception at Osprey Point Golf Club back on Kiawah Island. Marcella and Ward were inspired to incorporate a feather theme, from the various types of feathers on the bride’s wedding dress – custom designed by Maya Ratih Couture, to feathers on the cake- done by The Cake Stand.  Indonesian elements included a pre-reception tea ceremony, custom wedding toppers of the couple in traditional Indonesian garb, and kopi luwak (a rare civet coffee) for the guests! It was a gorgeous day with so many thoughtful, personal touches!


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Mary and Troy Summerall Chapel and Citadel Beach House

Mary and Troy were married at Summerall Chapel and the reception was held at the Citadel Beach House in Isle of Palms.  Mary and Troy had a beautiful military style wedding and Wanda took some breath taking pictures by the beach.  Charleston Flower Market provided calla lily arrangements for the day.  We hope you enjoy these beautiful pictures!