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Deanna and Tim are engaged!

It was not love at first sight for Deanna and Tim who met while working together. After much meddling by there boss, and Deanna thinking Tim was rude- the two became great friends and Tim finally asked Deanna out on a date.  Tim was offered a job right after they started dating and Deanna moved with him to California and she said it was the best decision she has ever made.  We are so excited to be apart of their day this weekend! Congrats!

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Anna and Billy’s Beach Engagement

Anna and Billy met in college in 2003 and they are excited to be getting married in Charleston!  Here are a few shots from there beach engagement shoot! hwangengage-0022 hwangengage-0026 hwangengage-0031 hwangengage-0038 hwangengage-0055 hwangengage-0066 hwangengage-0068 hwangengage-0074 hwangengage-0093 hwangengage-0104

Charleston Wedding Photography -Julia and Andy’s Dual Engagement Session at Boone Hall Plantation and the beach

Julia and Andy have something about their relationship that is just too adorable for words, so here’s something that I think explains it way better than I ever could.
Can’t wait for your wedding next year!