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Rena and Amit

Rena and Amit had an amazing wedding day! It was important to the couple that their heritage and their style be prominent in every detail of their day. With amazing decor, gorgeous flowers and delicious food, Rena and Amit had a wonderful celebration of their love that will not soon be forgotten!




Megan and Ben

Megan and Ben wanted to have a laid back, low country chic wedding, incorporating some of the elements that they love about Charleston. The two love to travel, and with Charleston being their favorite city, the two wanted their guests to feel like they had a Charleston experience. When it came to colors, flowers and details the key was elegant, but not over the top fancy! With a cookie bar, southern comfort food and “make your own tea” mason jar favors the wedding was the perfect combo of the comfort of Charleston as well as the elegance.


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Lily and Roy

Lily and Roy met at a Charleston favorite- Sunday Brunch! The two fell in love and wanted their wedding to be simple but also classy- with Charleston charm. Lily picked a gorgeous dress that was perfect for the day and for dancing, as well as flower arrangements that featured gorgeous lavender- including her flower crown!After the rain the day the was gorgeous and the bride and groom danced the night away!



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Alex and Michael

Alex is a hopeless romantic at heart! Throughout the planning process she wanted to make her and Michael’s wedding feel elegant, dreamy romantic, and have a touch of southern flair. It was also important that above everything it was still personalized to their love and relationship. Because Alex loves to read they incorporated that into the seating. Each table was named after a famous literary couple and also had a quote from their story that described their relationship. Alex and Michael’s table was named after them and since we didn’t get a chance to say our own vows they wrote them together for their table! Michael has a shot glass collection that he is quite proud of so for favors they decided to create custom shot glasses. Finally the fun couple are both kids at heart so they were excited to give the guests a chance to take silly pictures and enjoy the photo booth and great dance music!


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Ciara and Joseph

Ciara and Joseph through friends and since moved numerous times, adopted numerous fur babies and had a baby of their own! Through their busy time together the couple wanted to plan a wedding that fit their laid back style and their love for life together. The day had an all around bohemian/gypsy feel to it in every detail! The multi colored details, the mix-matched decor and the no-shoe style displayed the fun and easy going attitude the couple share!


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Nicole and Ed

Nicole and Ed wanted a romantic, vintage accented, southern charm wedding celebration! The two wanted a beautiful, fun and easy that celebrated their love- and that’s exactly what they got! Every detail of the day was planned and coordinated according to Nicole’s ideas- from the flowers, to the tea/mason jar favors, to the mint couches outside!


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Neda and Mark

Neda and Mark met while working in a hospital. The two both share a love for their heritages and wanted their wedding to be a big merging of ethnicity and family! Since both have large families and lots of friends, they wanted their celebration to feature lots of dancing and fun! With the gorgeous views at Magnolia Plantation, the day was the perfect party for these two love birds.


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Sarah and Matt

Sarah and Matt got married on a gorgeous day in May at Pepper Plantation. This couple was so sweet and so was their family! After doing Sarah’s bridals we were so looking forward to the wedding! It was important to Sarah and Matt that they have a fun celebration with the people that they love most surrounding them- and that is exactly what their day was!


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Stephanie and Danny

As soon as you meet Stephanie and Danny it is clear the love that they have for each other. Both have been through past marriages and have children, so for their wedding the most important thing was that they enjoy their day of celebrating all that brought them together. The wedding colors and theme were inspired by the dress Stephanie found which is a gorgeous shade of blush! Besides the beautiful details the other important and special part of their day was having all of the children a part of everything. It was a delightful day with a sweet couple!couto-0006 couto-0058 couto-0104 couto-0110 couto-0130 couto-0134 couto-0138 couto-0145 couto-0150 couto-0157 couto-0180 couto-0242 couto-0245 couto-0247 couto-0253 couto-0255 couto-0463 couto-0645 couto-0724 couto-0807 couto-0808

Steph and Brad

Steph and Brad had a gorgeous spring wedding at Magnolia Plantation. When the two met 10 years ago through a friend they were instantly connected but had lots of plans! Over the last decade they have been around the world, together and separately. Through all of the miles and through the years they both grew and fell more in love with each other. Steph and Brad wanted their wedding to showcase the natural beauty of Magnolia Plantation. The details at their wedding were (fittingly!) travel themed! The love the couple has for each other is evident from how they speak about each other, to the fun they are visibly having at all times!



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