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Krysten and Harry

Krysten and Harry met in high school and reconnected these last few years! The two had a gorgeous wedding on a warm December day at Boone Hall Plantation. With friends and family surrounding this sweet couple it was a wonderful celebration! After the two exchanged vows the party started and the newlyweds and their guests danced the night away. Wedding by Wanda Cavazos of Richard Bell Photography

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Jenny and Patrick

Jenny and Patrick both share a love of the water. Jenny being from Mt Pleasant and Patrick being in the Coast Guard, their lives are surrounded by water. Besides the water, the two wanted their love of the Low Country to be incorporated- complete with sweet grass details on the cake and shrimp and grits! It was a bright and cheery day for all!



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Joy and Andrew

Joy and Andrew met in high school and after being friends for a year, the two started dating! The two love writing letters to each other, playing with their dog Thorin, outdoor activities and anything they can compete in. Since Joy graduated from The Citadel it was a natural fit. The celebration with friends and family included corn-hole playing, lots of good southern food and dancing!


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Nicole and Ed

Nicole and Ed wanted a romantic, vintage accented, southern charm wedding celebration! The two wanted a beautiful, fun and easy that celebrated their love- and that’s exactly what they got! Every detail of the day was planned and coordinated according to Nicole’s ideas- from the flowers, to the tea/mason jar favors, to the mint couches outside!


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Kristin and Jeb

Kristin and Jeb met by chance at a giant St. Patrick’s day celebration in Savannah, GA. Jeb lived in Charleston and Kristin lived in South Florida, but that didn’t stop the two from getting to know each other and falling in love! It wasn’t long before Kristin decided to move to Charleston and the two have been busy at the beach, playing on sports teams together and traveling around the country visiting family ever since! The two decided to get married at the Charleston Harbor Resort and Marina which boasts a gorgeous ocean view as well as all of the benefits that the resort offers. The day was full of family and fun!



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Anna and Wren

Anna and Wren wanted a traditional church ceremony followed by a Lowcountry celebration! The two said their vows at The Lutheran Church of the Redeemer that boasted stained glass as well as breath taking red doors. The party started at the Creek Club at I’on and featured oysters and dancing!


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Heather and David

Heather and David met at a local hot spot in the Baltimore area (where they currently reside). Besides their love for the outdoors, travel and learning new things together, the two are crazy about their dog Buddy. They planned their destination wedding for their friends and family to able to come and see the beautiful city and enjoy a little southern vacation. It was a gorgeous day and everyone (including Buddy) enjoyed celebrating the newlyweds and the love that they share.



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Jenna and Joshua

The theme for Jenna and Joshua’s wedding was all things Lowcountry! The two love the Charleston area and wanted the details of their wedding to pay tribute to that. With a wedding ceremony in the church Jenna grew up attending and the reception at beautiful Alhambra Hall it was a day celebrating the simple beauty of the love Jenna and Joshua share as well as southern charm.



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Sarah and Chris

Sarah and Chris had a beautiful, traditional wedding- complete with a Catholic mass for their wedding ceremony at the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. The bride and groom met their very first day of medical school and their friendship grew into a sweet romance. This couple had such a happy and sweet wedding! The reception was a joyous celebration with good food and and dancing thanks to The Francis Marion Hotel and Pinnacle Light and Sound! Congratulations to this happy couple!



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Ruth and Ben

Ruth and Ben had an all day celebration on their wedding day. Lashes and Lace arrived first thing to do hair and makeup for the ladies and their work looked great with Ruth’s Gabriella New York Bridal Salon dress. The beautiful April day started with a ceremony at noon on the Carriage House Lawn at Magnolia Plantation. The flowers were beautifully done by Wild Flowers Inc.  After the ceremony guests enjoyed a cocktail hour on the lawn with lawn games and appetizers.  Lunch followed catered by B Gourmet Catering.  Guests then enjoyed tea and refreshments while listening to Jazz music by Jazz Charleston. After that was a Hog Roast party and cake by Ashley Bakery was with music by Epic Charleston. The full day of celebrating the couples love is one that is sure to be remembered for years to come!pitts-0298 pitts-0647 pitts-0822 pitts-1005 pitts-1011 pitts-1015 pitts-1019 pitts-1025 pitts-1043 pitts-1054 pitts-1055 pitts-1059 pitts-1063 pitts-1071 pitts-1074 pitts-1080 pitts-1137 pitts-1386 pitts-1390 pitts-1392