Danielle and Josh’s Engagement

Danielle and Josh met at a Halloween party in 2010.  Josh was down for a week to play golf and the two ended up seeing each other every day he was here!  Josh convinced Danielle to move to Pittsburgh with him and even though the transition of moving from the South to the North has been difficult for Danielle, she says Josh has made it pretty great.  Here are some shots from there engagement session, can’t wait to see more pictures from their wedding in a few weeks! butler-engage-0001 butler-engage-0010 butler-engage-0020 butler-engage-0031 butler-engage-0035 butler-engage-0049 butler-engage-0055 butler-engage-0059 butler-engage-0064 butler-engage-0077 butler-engage-0086 butler-engage-0089 butler-engage-0092 butler-engage-0107