Annalise & Charlie

Annalise and Charlie started dating on May 24, became engaged on May 24, and so it was very fitting for them to get married on May 24!  Annalise wanted a stress-free, cocktail elegance wedding at Planter’s Inn.  It was a small wedding with close friends and family coming from Chicago and Ooh! Events did a wonderful job creating a laid-back, but very elegant day! weck-0135 weck-0155 weck-0244 weck-0401 weck-0408 weck-0414 weck-0424 weck-0474 weck-0814 weck-0820


Tiffany and Nico

Charleston is one of Tiffany and Nico’s favorite places to visit, so they knew they wanted to share this beautiful city with friends and family for their wedding.  Nico is Chilean, and Mediterranean Catering did a great job incorporating that into the menu for the evening.  Wickliffe House had the perfect decor for what Tiffany envisioned for her wedding. FINI Events, Event Haus, and Tiger Lily Florist worked with Tiffany to tie in her colors of blush, gold, ivory, and taupe for a romantic feel to the day.  They had the ceremony outside followed by a cocktail house on the second floor of the home and a tented reception outside.  We are so happy for this sweet couple, and so glad we could spend the day with them!  Tiffany and Nico’s wedding was also featured on Melissa Hearts Weddings and you can check it out here!beaumont-0108 beaumont-0157 beaumont-0158-3 beaumont-0161 beaumont-0175 beaumont-0182 beaumont-0289 beaumont-0295 beaumont-0417 beaumont-0524 beaumont-0546 beaumont-0941 beaumont-1073


Anna & Bill

Anna and Bill met in college and they had a beautiful wedding at Magnolia Plantation and Gardens in May.  Cindy from Engaging Events did a great job designing the event, and Event Works provided all of the rentals.  Vanity Salon was the hair and make-up artist for Anna.  We were so honored to be apart of your day, congratulations Anna and Bill! hwang-0029 hwang-0079 hwang-0119 hwang-0253 hwang-0270 hwang-0398 hwang-0405 hwang-0609 hwang-0613 hwang-0719 hwang-0886


Blair & Taylor at William Aiken House

We had a great time at the William Aiken House for Blair and Tyler’s wedding.  Stacey at Red Letter Events coordinated a luxurious day, and Blair’s simple yet elegant dress was gorgeous on her. Congrats Blair and Tyler!  You can also check out Blair and Tyler’s wedding published by The Bride Link herebwright-0090 bwright-0096 bwright-0106 bwright-0123 bwright-0176 bwright-0394 bwright-0400 bwright-0401 bwright-0407 bwright-0415 bwright-0425 bwright-0488 bwright-1036


Taylor and Robbie

Taylor is from North Carolina and Robbie is from Georgia, but the couple met right here in South Carolina which is why they decided to get married here!  Robbie is a graduate of the Citadel and Summerall Chapel and Holliday Alumni Center were the perfect settings their wedding day!  Taylor showed her love for monograms throughout the day, and her dad is a retired Naval Officer so she was delighted to see both her favorite men in uniform.  In Bloom did a beautiful job with the flowers and decorations, and what an awesome Reese Cup grooms cake from Sablee Patisserie & Chocolaterie.  Taylor and Robbie were also published and you can check it out here! madill-0114 madill-0130 madill-0208 madill-0372 madill-0445 madill-0457 madill-0460 madill-0478 madill-0510 madill-1003 madill-1008 madill-1037


Rebecca and Thomas at Boone Hall Plantation

Rebecca and Thomas had a traditional wedding ceremony, followed by a reception at Boone Hall Plantation in March.  Bridal House of Charleston helped Rebecca to pick out an amazing two-piece off the shoulder dress.  Holly with A Charleston Event coordinated the day, while Keepsake Florist did a great job with flowers and decorations.  Rebecca and Thomas were met outside of St. John’s Lutheran Church with a horse and carriage from Palmetto Carriage Works.  Borrowed and Blue featured Rebecca and Thomas’ wedding, and you can check it out here:  mercer-0011 mercer-0090 mercer-0102 mercer-0278 mercer-0382-2 mercer-0387 mercer-0422 mercer-0466 mercer-0494 mercer-0551 mercer-0552 mercer-1009

Octavia and Keron are engaged!

I know it is not quite fall yet, but I thought I would share some beautiful Fall Engagement pictures from Octavia and Keron’s shoot.  They were taken downtown, and the couple really wanted to show off the beautiful scenery of Charleston.  Hopefully some cooler weather is on the way, Enjoy! wareo-0004 wareo-0007 wareo-0013 wareo-0023 wareo-0034 wareo-0038 wareo-0047 wareo-0056 wareo-0070 wareo-0078 wareo-0090


Venice & Lucio’s Creative Garden Wedding

Today’s wedding is one that I just love!  Venice and Lucio met in college and their wedding shows off 100% their personalities and why they are so perfect for one another.  Starting with a love for all things Bolt, they had their Bolt stuffed animals act as ring bearers for the ceremony.  Even better, Venice’s bouquet was made out of sheet music from Frozen.  Venice and Lucio sang there vows to one another, yes they are multi-talented because they also had a choreographed dance for the first dance! We are so glad we got to know them, and what a great day to be apart of!  This wedding was also published on Poptastic Bride, and you can check it out here! mao-0066 mao-0149 mao-0208 mao-0263 mao-0444 mao-0452 mao-0667 mao-0920 mao-0931 mao-0944 mao-0950 mao-1029


Octavia & Keron’s Pink Wedding

Octavia and Keron were married in May at The Sand Dunes Club on Sullivan’s Island.  Duvall Catering, Epic Charleston, Little Bird Events, and Baby Faces of Charleston all helped make this day special for Octavia.  Octavia had a pink day, and we are so glad that we got to be apart of it! wareo-0087 wareo-0152 wareo-0380 wareo-0502 wareo-0539 wareo-0551 wareo-0562 wareo-0930 wareo-1026 wareo-1027


Jamye and David’s All Things Southern Wedding

Jamye and David met in 2002 and when they got engaged and started wedding planning they wanted an all southern wedding.  Magnolia Plantation and Garden was the perfect venue for the couple to show of there southern roots.  Keri and Elizabeth of Simply Weddings helped to pull off the day as the day of coordinator.  Tiger Lily Florist and Event Works did a great job of adding burlap, seersucker, hydrangeas, and mason jars to show off the Plantation.  Sticky Fingers provided a boiled peanut bar, and how more southern can you get?  We were so happy to be apart of Jayme and Davids special and we wish them many years of happiness.    Jayme and David’s wedding was also recently published on Borrowed and Blue, check it out here: